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University of Copenhagen

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HoNESt staff members
Dr. Jan-Henrik Meyer
Expertise: European and environmental history, transnational anti-nuclear movements.

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is Denmark’s largest university with around 40,000 students and over 9,000 employees, and one of the leaders in research and international cooperative projects. HoNESt partner at the UCPH is the history department, the Saxo Institute. At Saxo, HoNESt closely cooperates with the Centre for Modern European Studies, CEMES, with its strength in research on the history of European Integration, and the Centre for Cultural Studies in Sustainability, CCSS, devoted to the study of environmental issues in historical and contemporary societies. HoNESt benefits hugely from relevant expertise in European Studies, environmental and social movement politics and the media, by excellent researchers including Morten Rasmussen, Paul Villaume, Bo Fritzbøger, Detlef Siegfried and Hans-Jörg Trenz, and their various research projects.

Role in HoNESt

The Saxo Institute will make three key contributions to HoNESt:

a) Conduct historical research on the Danish experience of societal relations and engagement with nuclear energy.
b) Study the role of (environmental) social movements in societal discourses and political struggles about nuclear power, in a transnational perspective.
c) Leader of WP6: Dissemination and Engagement.