Natalia Melnikova

The Institute of History and Archaeology

Researcher, WP2

Natalia Melnikova, PhD in History (2001), senior researcher at the Institute of History and Archeology, Ural branch of RAS. Research interests: social history, including of the Soviet nuclear project. Functions in the project: administrative support, country report writing, accumulation of information on a wide range of social aspects of nuclear research project, relationships between the nuclear power and society, radiation environmental impacts.

Relevant Publications

Melnikova, N.V. 2006. Fenomen zakrytogo atomnogo goroda (Closed nuclear town phenomenon). Ekaterinburg.
Melnikova, N. 2011. Les artisans du projet nucléaire dans les villes fermées. In Les soviétiques, un pouvoir, des régimes, sous la direction de Tamara Kondratieva. Paris, Les Belles Lettres: 51-75.
Melnikova, N.V., (with Riaskov, S.A.) (eds.) 2012. Atomnye Goroda Urala. Gorod Lesnoy: Entsiklopediia. (Nuclear Towns of the Ural. The town of Lesnoy: Encyclopedia). Ekaterinburg.