Mikhail Zhukovsky

The Institute of History and Archaeology

Researcher, WP2

Mikhail Zhukovsky, Doctor of Science (2003), Director of the Institute of industrial Ecology of the Ural branch of RAS, Professor of the Ural Federal University, international expert of the World Health Organization, "International Radon Project" program. Research interests: comprehensive analysis of natural and production induced risks for humans, assessment of radiation risks for the population from the natural and production induced sources of ionizing radiation. Functions in the project: providing of certain historical sources reflecting environmental impact of radiation processes, consultations on documents selection, as well as issues of correct use of special terminology in the notes.

Relevant Publications

Zhukovsky, M.V. (co-authored) 2000. Vostochno-Ural'skij radioaktivnyj sled. Problemy reabilitacii naselenija i territorij Sverdlovskoj oblasti (East-Ural radioactive trail. Problems of rehabilitation of the population and the territories of the Sverdlovsk Oblast). Ekaterinburg.
Zhukovsky, M. 2002. Radiative effects on the population: assessment of radiation risks and potential damage to health: On materials of Sverdlovsk region. Ekaterinburg.
Zhukovsky, M., (with Kruzhalov, A., Pavlyuk, A.) 2002. The role of natural radiation, accidental and medical exposure in total risk structure for the population of Ural region In Natural Radiation Environment (NRE-VII). Book of Abstr. Rhodes, Greece: 346-347.