Matteo Gerlini

Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Matteo Gerlini (PhD, University of Florence) is a diplomatic historian of the “Machiavelli” Centre at the University of Florence, where he runs a research project on the history and documentation of Fast Breeder Reactors Programs in Europe. He has been visiting fellow at European University Institute in 2009, beginning the work on history of FBRs programs. Italian member in the Nuclear Security (INSEN) academic partnership, promoted by the IAEA, he collaborate in the ESARDA courses, and participates as observer in the Steering Committee of Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD. He authored various titles among edited books, articles, chapters and monographs in international history. He is on twitter @mgerlini

Whithin HoNESt, Gerlini is in charge for the country report on Italy.

Relevant Publications

Gerlini, Matteo 2016 (forthcoming). Energy independence vs. Nuclear Safeguards: the US attitude toward the European Fast Breeder Programs. In Nuclear Italy: an International History of Italian Nuclear Policies during the Cold War, edited by E. Bini, I. Londero, Trieste: EUT.
2012. Public Opinion Strikes Back: the Italian referendum on nuclear energy. In The Circulation of Science and Technology: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of the ESHS, edited by A. Roca-Rosell, Barcelona: SCHCT-IEC, p. 886-90.
2011. (Editor of) International History of Science and Technology, special issue of Humana.mente, (16).