M. del Mar Rubio-Varas

Universidad Pública de Navarra

Scientific Secretary & WP3 leader

She earn her PhD from the London School of Economics (UK), a MSc from the same institution and a degree in Economics from the University Carlos III of Madrid.Her academic training was completed a year of stay (Fulbright funding) in the Department of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley (California, USA). Her research interests focus on the long-term relationships between energy consumption and economic growth, covering also aspects of energy external dependence and the transition to a low carbon economy. She has recently focused on the economic and financial aspects of the historical development the Spanish nuclear program. She has conducted research in countries of Europe and America. She has taken part in large research consortiums funded, among others, by the 6th Framework Program and the European Science Foundation. She has published extensively in top international journals. Part of her research has been published by the United Nations, through the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA). She is currently tenured Associated Professor at the Department of Economics at UPNA.

Within HoNESt she is the Scientific Secretary and leader of WP3 coordinating and linking the efforts of historians and social scientist. She also contributes writing the Spanish case in WP2 and interviewing key stakeholders.

Relevant Publications

Rubio-Varas, M.d.M. y De la Torre, J., “Spain- Eximbank’s Billion Dollar Client: the Role of the US financing the Spanish Nuclear Program” Documento de Trabajo, Asociación Española de Historia Económica, DT-AEHE N1603 (Feb 2016)
De la Torre, J. & Rubio-Varas, M.d.M, "Ejemplificando la financiación exterior: el caso de la central nuclear de Zorita” in De la Torre, J. & Rubio-Varas, M.d.M, La Financiación Exterior del Desarrollo Industrial Español a través del IEME (1950-1982), pp.99-121 (Banco de España: Madrid, 2015) [Exemplifying external financing: the case of the Zorita nuclear power]
De la Torre, J. and Rubio-Varas, M.d.M. ,(2015) “Nuclear Power for a Dictatorship: State and Business involvement in the Spanish Atomic Program 1950-1985”, Journal of Contemporary History doi:10.1177/0022009415599448

Rubio, M.d.M, ´Nuclear Energy in Spain. A research agenda for economic historians’ in, A. Presas (ed) AComparative Study of European Nuclear Energy Programs, pp. 71-94, ISBN 0948-9444, Max-Planck-Institut Wissenschaftsgeschichte - Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 419 (Berlin, 2011)