Karl-Erik Michelsen

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Professor at LUT School of Business, department of Strategy, Management and Accounting

Karl-Erik Michelsen is professor at LUT School of Business, department of Strategy, Management and Accounting. His research focus is innovation and innovation management, science and technology policy (innovation policy), business – society relationships (family and global business) and energy and society. Professor Michelsen has received an award for his book Kone – Perhe, yrittäjyys ja yritys teollisuuden vuosisadalla by The Finnish Business School Graduates (SEFE). The book chronicles the history of the Finnish company Kone and its family proprietor.

Relevant Publications

Michelsen K-E. and Särkikoski T., Suomalainen ydinvoimalaitos (Finnish Nuclear Power Station). Helsinki 2005. (In Finnish).
Michelsen K-E., Project Eastinghouse – teknologinen haste Loviisassa. (Project Eastinghouse – technology challenges in Loviisa NPP). ATS Ydintekniikka 3/2007. Erkki Laurila prize for best article in nuclear energy research 2008.
Michelsen K-E., An Uneasy Alliance - An Uneasy Alliance: Negotiating Infrastructures at the Finnish-Soviet Border. In Per Högselius, Aniques Hommels, Arne Kaijser, Erik van der Vleuten (eds.), The Making of Europé’s Critical Infrastructure. Springer 2013, 108-130.
Michelsen, K.E. and Kuisma, M., 1992. Nationalism and industrial development in Finland. Business and Economic History, pp.343-353.
Vauterin, J.J., Linnanen, L. and Michelsen, K.E., 2013. A university–industry collaborative response to the growing global demand for student talent: Using interpretive phenomenology to discover life-world knowledge. Industry and Higher Education, 27(1), pp.41-54.