Josep Espluga

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

PhD in sociology (2001) and associate professor at the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Previously he was research fellow at the Department of Urban Development at the Università degli Studi di Venezia (Italy), researcher at the National Center of Working Conditions (INSHT) of the Spanish Ministry of Work , and visiting scholar at the Institute for Studies of Science, Technology and Innovation – ESRC Innogen Centre (University of Edinburgh). His research interests are focused on the relationships between health, work, environment and territory, with particular attention to the social perception of technological risks and environmental conflicts. His latest related research on these topics are ‘Policy Addressing Climate Change and Learning about Consumer Behaviour and Everyday Life’ (2010-2012) (Funded by the European Community's FP7/2007-2013); ‘New strategies towards public engagement in the control of urban pollutio’n (2013-2015). (Funded by the Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation).

Relevant Publications

Oltra, C.; Boso, A.; Espluga, J.; Prades, A. (2013) “A qualitative study of users’ engagement with real-time feedback from in-house energy consumption displays”. Energy Policy, 61: 788–792.
Horlick-Jones, T.; Prades, A.; Espluga, J. (2012) “Investigating the degree of ‘stigma’ associated with nuclear energy technologies: a cross-cultural examination of the case of fusion power”. Public Understanding of Science, vol. 21, no. 5, 514-533. [doi: 10.1177/0963662510371630].
Gamero, N.; Espluga, J.; Prades, A.; Oltra, C.; Solá, R.; Farré, J. (2011) “Institutional dimensions underlying public trust in information on technological risk”. Journal of Risk Research, 14 (6): 685-702. First published on: 14 April 2011 (iFirst). DOI: 10.1080/13669877.2010.54726