Joseba De la Torre

Universidad Pública de Navarra

PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (SP) in History. He is Professor of Economic History at the Department of Economics at UPNA. His currently main research field is the Spanish economic policy during the Franco regime, and in particular the industrial policy and the indicative planning of developmentalism (1940s-1970s). He has been Visiting Professor at La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris (FR) and at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies of New York University (USA). He was Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business (UPNA) and he won the prize Youngest Researcher in Human and Social Sciences from Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (1999). He has published in national and international academic books and journals. Together with Dr. Rubio-Varas, he leads a research team for the study of the economic history of nuclear energy in Spain.

Within HoNESt he contributes to the Spanish case in WP2 through his historical research and conducting interviews key stakeholders.

Relevant Publications

Rubio-Varas, M.d.M. y De la Torre, J., “Spain- Eximbank’s Billion Dollar Client: the Role of the US financing the Spanish Nuclear Program” Documento de Trabajo, Asociación Española de Historia Económica, DT-AEHE N1603 (Feb 2016)
De la Torre, J. & Rubio-Varas, M.d.M, "Ejemplificando la financiación exterior: el caso de la central nuclear de Zorita” in De la Torre, J. & Rubio-Varas, M.d.M, La Financiación Exterior del Desarrollo Industrial Español a través del IEME (1950-1982), pp.99-121 (Banco de España: Madrid, 2015) [Exemplifying external financing: the case of the Zorita nuclear power]
De la Torre, J. and Rubio-Varas, M.d.M. ,(2015) “Nuclear Power for a Dictatorship: State and Business involvement in the Spanish Atomic Program 1950-1985”, Journal of Contemporary History doi:10.1177/0022009415599448
De la Torre, J. and García-Zúñiga, M., “Was it a Spanish miracle? Development plans and regional industrialization from 1950 to 1975”, in Grabas, Christian and Alexander Nützenadel (eds.), Industrial Policy in Europe after 1945. Wealth, Power and Economic Development in the Cold War.Palgrave Macmillan, New York (2014), Pages 86–112.
De la Torre, J. and Sánchez, E., “From Bilateralism to Multilateralism in Spain: Markets, Business Groups and Dictatorship (1950-1975)”, in Perron, Regine & Thiemeyer, Guido (eds.), Multilateralism and the Trente Glorieuses in Europe. New perspectives in European Integration History. Editions Alphill, Neuchatel, Pages 155-174.