Jan-Henrik Meyer

University of Copenhagen

Principal Researcher, Work Package Manager, WP6

Jan-Henrik Meyer, Dr. phil. (FU Berlin) works as an Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the University of Copenhagen. He specialises in European and International History and Environmental History in a comparative and transnational perspective. Previously, Meyer was an associate professor at NTNU Trondheim, an assistant professor and postdoc at Aarhus University, Denmark, a Rachel Carson Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center in Munich, a fellow with the KFG "The Transformative Power of Europe" at Free University Berlin and a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Portsmouth, England. Meyer’s interest in the history of nuclear energy and society originates from his earlier research on the origins of European environmental policy, which apart from bird protection and the emergence of the polluter pays principle, also included a case study on transnational anti-nuclear protest. Within HoNESt, Meyer manages WP6 “Dissemination and Engagement”. He contributes to both the historical and the social science research, focusing on the study of the Danish experience and transnational anti-nuclear movements.

Relevant Publications

Meyer, Jan-Henrik (with Astrid M. Kirchhof) 2014. Global Anti-Nuclear Protest. Transfer and Transnational Exchange in the 1970s and 1980s. In Historical Social Research 39 (1): 165-190.
Meyer, Jan-Henrik 2014. Where do we go from Wyhl? Transnational Anti-Nuclear Protest in the 1970s. In Historical Social Research 39 (1): 212-235.
Meyer, Jan-Henrik 2013. Challenging the Atomic Community. The European Environmental Bureau and the Europeanization of Anti-Nuclear Protest. In Societal Actors in European Integration. Polity-Building and Policy-Making 1958-1992, edited by W. Kaiser and J.-H. Meyer. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 197-220.