Ivan Tchalakov

The University of Plovdiv and The Center Science Technology Innovation


Ivan Tchalakov is Professor at Department of Institutional and Applied Sociology, University of Plovdiv, and senior research fellow at Center for Policy Analyses and Studies of Technologies (PAST), Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russian Federation. He is also affiliated at BAS Institute of Studying Societies and Knowledge.

Ivan Tchalakov is working in the fields of Sociology of Sciences and Technologies, History of Technology, and Economics of Technical Change.

He got M.A. in Sociology at University of Sofia (1984) and PhD at Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1988). He specialized Science and Technology Dynamics Program at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He had several DAAD fellowships (1994, 1998 and 2003) collaborating with prof. Karin Knorr-Cetina in ethnographic studies of scientific and engineering practice in optical labs in Bulgaria and Germany. In these studies he developed the notion of heterogeneous micro-community, constituted on the relationships of passivity and responsibility between human and nonhuman actors. He also explored the Aristotle’s theory of human action and its relevance for understanding scientific and engineering practice. Recently he studies amateurs in science and introduced the notion of enduring science as opposite to entrepreneurial science as favourite subject of actor-network theory.

He has carried out several large EU and USA funded projects in the field, among them TACTIC, PROKNOW and ATACD projects under EU Framework IV and VI programs, Bulgaria after Wassenaar Agreement (McArthur Foundation), EE Economic Transition Policy Revisited: Neo-Schumpeterian Model (CPS – Central European University), Networks of Transition (Open Society Foundation), Technologies and the Economic Transition in Eastern Europe (NATO France), Goes Critical EUROCRIT(European Science Foundation), Electric Current’s Power (RiskMonitor Foundation), New Space Entrepreneurship and the Legacy of Internet Revolution (Fulbright, USA).

Relevant Publications

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