Helmuth Trischler

Deutsches Museum

Helmuth Trischler, Prof. Dr. is head of research at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, professor of modern history and the history of technology at LMU Munich (Ludwig Maximilian Universität), and director (jointly with Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch) of the Rachel Carson Center. His main research interests are knowledge societies and innovation cultures in international comparison; science, technology and European integration; transport history; and environmental history.

Helmuth Trischler is the author of thirty-six books and edited volumes, some hundred articles, and the co-editor of a number of book series, including Umwelt und Geschichte (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen) and The Environment in History: International Perspectives (Berghahn Books, Oxford and New York).

In the HoNESt project, Helmuth Trischler will contribute the extensive knowledge of the Deutsches Museum regarding nuclear energy history to the consortium and will supervise the project research at the museum.

Relevant Publications

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Möllers, Nina, Schwägerl, Christian, and Trischler, Helmuth (eds.): Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in Our Hands (Munich: Deutsches Museum, 2015).
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Trischler, Helmuth (ed.): The Anthropocene in Perspective (Munich: Rachel Carson Center, 2013).
Trischler, Helmuth and Walker, Mark (eds.): Physics and Politics. Research and Research Support in Twentieth Century Germany in International Perspective (Stuttgart: Steiner, 2010).
Trischler, Helmuth: “Nuklearer Erinnerungsort.” In: Bigg, Charlotte, and Hennig, Jochen (eds.): Atombilder. Ikonografie des Atoms in Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit im 20. Jahrhundert (Munich: Wallstein, 2009), 135-142.