Gene Rowe

Gene Rowe Evaluations

Principal Researcher

Gene Rowe, PhD (UWE) is the founder and director of Gene Rowe Evaluations. He (and his company) specialise in a number of areas of cognitive and social psychology related to judgment and decision making, forecasting, risk perception/ communication/ management, science communication, and public/ stakeholder engagement processes (and their evaluation). Previously (until 2010), Rowe was Head of Consumer Science at the Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK; before then, he had a variety of research posts at the Bristol Business School (UWE), University of Surrey, and Institute of Food Research (Reading).
Rowe's interests in this project are essentially two-fold: first, he is interested in how risks about nuclear technology have been presented and perceived by people across Europe; second, he is interested in helping to organise and facilitate dialogue between stakeholders in domestic nuclear issues, in order to help achieve a common understanding of the issue and to help validate the analyses of societal trends that will emerge from the main part of the project.
Within HoNESt, Rowe with contribute to the activities of WPs 3, 4 and 6, that is, on understanding societal engagement in the nuclear domain, aiding the mutual understanding of issues by the historians and social scientists, and helping to facilitate and organise the engagement activities.

Relevant Publications

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