Evgenii Artemov

The Institute of History and Archaeology

Researcher, WP2

Evgenii Artemov, Doctor of History (2007), Director of the Institute of History and Archeology, Ural branch of RAS, member of the RAS Academic Council Bureau of the Russian and Global Economic History Problems, Chairman of the State Attestation Commission in history at the Ural Federal University. Research interests: economic history of the USSR, history of the Soviet nuclear complex. Functions in the project: general research supervision, country report concept development; reconstruction of political, economic, research and military technical prerequisites for the development and implementation of the Soviet nuclear project, its management structure, decision making mechanisms, planning and organization of work.

Relevant Publications

Artemov, E.T., Bedel, A.E. 1999. Ukroshchenije Urana. Stranitsy istorii Ural’skogo elektrokhimicheskogo kombinata. (Taming of the Uranium. Pages from the History of the Ural Electrochemical Works). Ekaterinburg.
Artemov, E.T. 2006. R&D Policy in the Soviet Late Industrialization Model (Artemov E.T. Nauchno-tehnicheskaya politika v sovetskoi modeli pozdneindustrial'noi modernizacii). Moscow.
Artemov, Evgenii 2014. Sovetskii atomnyi proekt v sisteme «komandnoi ekonomike», Cahiers du Monde russe 55(3-4): 267-294