Eric Berkers

School of Innovation Sciences

Dr. Eric Berkers is senior researcher at the Foundation for the History of Technology, based at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). He graduated as an economic and social historian, with specializations in business history and the history of technology. He participated in research projects about the History of Technology in the Netherlands in the 19th and 20th century and the History of Dutch Business in the 20th century. He received his PhD for research on Dutch water management. Furthermore he published about the development of the knowledge-infrastructure in the Netherlands at different domains, such as energy, geodesy, horticulture, food and healthcare. For the Honest-project Eric is seconded at the School of Innovation Sciences at the TU/e (see below).

Relevant Publications

E. Berkers en F.W. Geels, ‘System innovation through stepwise reconfiguration: The case of the technological transitions in Dutch greenhouse horticulture (1930-1980), in: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management vol. 23 (2011), no. 3, 227-247.
A. van Rooij, E. Berkers, M. Davids en F. Veraart, 'National innovation systems and international knowledge flows. An exploratory investigation with the case of the Netherlands', in: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 50 (2008), vol. 2 (March), 149-168.
G. Verbong, E. Berkers en M. Taanman, Op weg naar de markt. Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN), 1976-2001 (Petten 2004).