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HoNESt staff members
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ortwin Renn
Dr. Wilfried Konrad

Employing mainly discursive methods of investigation, DIALOGIK conducts practically relevant research into communication processes and interactions between politics, economy and civil society. More specifically, DIALOGIK analyses the conditions and prerequisites for improving purposeful communication and for developing and initiating innovative procedures of participation and cooperation. DIALOGIK analyses the various forms, instruments, effects and potentials of communication and cooperation at the local, regional, national and trans-national level. On the basis of theoretical knowledge and sound empirical evidence DIALOGIK is committed to contribute to a culture of mutual communication that suits the needs of its customers and society at large. The scientific investigation of communication and participation includes also active engagement in moderation, mediation and process design of discursive procedures. By experimenting with innovative forms of communication and facilitation DIALOGIK gains new insights and practical experiences in cooperative forms of planning, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Role in HoNESt

a) Co-Leader of WP4 “Understanding perceptions and mechanisms for societal engagement”.
b) Investigating historical data and country studies form a societal perspective.
c) Active engagement in Social Science Committee of WP3 and partaking in backcasting exercises of WP5.