Department of Philosophy and History of Science NKUA

HoNESt staff members
Aristotle Tympas
Stathis Arapostathis
Yiannis Garyfallos
Ermioni Frezouli
Katerina Vlantoni

The HONEST group from Greece is embedded in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Division of History of Science and Technology (, School of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. This department hosts several graduate programs, including one on the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology that is offered in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens.

The HONEST group has participated in international and collaborative European research projects on the history of energy, especially from comparative and transnational perspectives. It has unique experience in the use of nuclear energy in countries without nuclear reactors, through the use of transnational transmission networks. In recent years, they have supervised 5 graduate theses that focus on aspects of the history of nuclear energy in Greece. The group has played an important role in introducing and supporting institutions that usher in the public understanding of the science/technology-society relationship.

Role in HoNESt

WP2: Establish research questions; develop Greek stakeholders list and databank; elaborate Greek short country report.
WP6: Dissemination of project results