Colby College

HoNESt staff members
Paul R. Josephson

Colby College, founded in 1813, the twelve oldest liberal arts college in America, is located in Waterville, Maine, USA. Its fifty-seven major and thirty-two minors (its departments and programs_ cover the major branches of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Colby has 180 full-time faculty and 1,850 students. Colby’s history and government departments and its program in Science, Technology, and Society contribute to world understanding of nuclear issues. Course offerings include Soviet history, nuclear history, Cold War studies, history of science and technology, and environmental history. Paul Josephson is a leading specialist on the history of nuclear power with a focus on the US and former Soviet Union.

Role in HoNESt

Josephson will be involved in HoNEST both in analyzing and evaluating materials concerning nuclear history and policy in post-Soviet spaces and in writing sections of major reports, research papers, and articles concerning both those spaces and the entirety of the project.