Astrid Mignon Kirchhof

Deutsches Museum

Research Associate

Dr. Astrid Mignon Kirchhof is a research associate and lecturer at the Chair of Modern and Contemporary History at Humboldt University, Berlin and a Senior Research Fellow at the Deutsches Museum, Munich. Previously she was the Volkswagen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at Georgetown University and the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC and Volkswagen principal investigator of the project ‘The Nature of Cold War: GDR Nature Conservation Policy during the East-West Conflict from 1945 to 1990’.
From 2010 to 2014 she was the principal investigator of the DFG-research project ‘From nature conservation to environmental protection. Civic involvement and the transformation of the nature conservation movement in East and West Berlin between 1945 and 1990’ at Humboldt University. In her research Astrid focuses on the transnational and transcontinental perspective of 20th century global environmental history, protest movements, gender history, and urban studies.
Within HoNESt Astrid will contribute to the historical analysis of the West German experience of nuclear energy.

Relevant Publications

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