Arne Kaijser

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Principal Researcher

Arne Kaijser is professor of History of Technology at KTH. His main research interests concern the historical development of infrastructural systems. He has studied different kind of systems (energy systems, transportation systems, communication systems and water systems) in Sweden, the Nordic Countries and Europe, and he is particularly interested in the interaction of infrastructural systems and societies. He has been President of the Society for History of Technology (SHOT), 2009-2010. He has been an active participant in the Tensions of Europe network and was Project leader for an ESF funded project on European Critical Infrastructures.

Kaijser´s interest in the history of nuclear energy stems from the 1970s, when he worked as a civil servant (he has an M.Sc. in engineering physics) at the Swedish Energy Agency and in parallel served as expert for the anti-nuclear movement.

Relevant Publications

Per Högselius, Arne Kaijser and Erik van der Vleuten, Europe’s Infrastructure Transition. Economy, War, Nature (Palgrave, 2015)
Per Högselius, Anique Hommels, Arne Kaijser and Erik van der Vleuten (eds.), The Making of Europe's Critical Infrastructure. Common Connections and Shared Vulnerabilities (Palgrave, 2013)
Arne Kaijser, “Redirecting Power: Swedish Nuclear Power Policies in Historical Perspective”, Annual Review of Energy and the Environment, Vol 17 (1992), pp. 437-462.