Aristotle Tympas

Department of Philosophy and History of Science NKUA

Aristotle Tympas is a tenured faculty member (associate professor) at the School of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He has received interdisciplinary training in engineering (Diploma in Chemical Engineering, Aristotelio University, Greece, 1989), the social sciences (Msc in Technology and Science Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, US, 1995), and, the humanities (PhD in History, Technology, Society, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001). A recipient of a number of individual research fellowships and grants (from the US National Science Foundation, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers History Center, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, the Smithsonian, the Dibner Library, the Hagley Museum and Library, the Georgia Tech Research Institute), he has participated in the development and establishment of international research and educational networks, including the ‘Tensions of Europe’ network of European researchers who specialize in the study of technology from the perspective of the social sciences and the humanities (he currently serves on its Management Committee) and the ‘International Master Program Europeans Studies in Society, Science and Technology’ (he currently serves as its vice-president for research).

Relevant Publications

Aristotle Tympas and Dina Dalouka, “A Deep Tradition of Computing Technology: Calculating Electrification in the American West”, in Where Minds and Matters Meet: Technology in California and the West, Volker Janssen (editor), University of California Press, Oakland, CA, 2012, 71-101.
Metaphorical Uses of an Electric Power Network: Early Computations of Atomic Particles and Nuclear Reactors”, Metaphorik, 12, 2007, 65-84.
Aristotle Tympas, “Perpetually Laborious: Computing Electric Power Transmission Before the Electronic Computer”, International Review of Social History, Volume 11, Supplement, 2003, 73-95