Ana Prades


Senior scientific researcher

Ana Prades is a senior scientific researcher at Ciemat (Public Research Centre on Energy, Technology and the Environment, depending on the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation), where she started her professional activity in 1990. She is currently the Head of the Ciemat’s Sociotechnical Research Centre (CISOT), located in Barcelona.

Her research interest has mainly focused in the field of Risk Perception and Communication, and its implications for the design and implementation of environmental policies. Since 2001 she is also involved in projects dealing with public engagement methods, lay reasoning and understanding of new technologies, social acceptance of energy technologies, and innovative knowledge brokerage tools to support policy making and implementation in the field of sustainable consumption. She has been involved in many national, EU, and Latin American projects, including RISKPERCOM (Nuclear Risk Perception and Communication) (4FP-ENERGY; 1996-1999), and “Situation concerning public information about and involvement in the decision-making process in the nuclear sector (DGTREN; 2005-2006). She has just coordinated the FP7 (ENVIRONMENT) collaborative project PACHELBEL (Policy Addressing Climate Change and Learning about Consumer Climate Change and Learning about Consumer Behaviour and Everyday Life) involving 10 institutions from 6 EU countries (2010-2013). She is now coordinating the social research work programme within the SES (Socioeconomic Studies on Fusion) funded by EuroFusion (2014), involving 5 institutions from 5 EU countries.

In HoNEST she contributes to dissemination and engagement (WP6).

Relevant Publications

Prades, A., Espluga, J. Horlick-Jones, T. (2015). Riesgos tecnológicos, conflictos sociales y políticas ambientales. Del estudio de las percepciones a la implicación pública. Papers, 100 (4), 395-423.
Horlick-Jones, T., and Prades, A. (2014).Translating between social worlds of policy and everyday life: the development of a group-based method to support policy-making by exploring behavioral aspects of sustainable consumption. Public Understanding of Science. 24(7), 811-826.
Horlick-Jones, T., Prades, A., & Espluga, J. (2012). Investigating the degree of “stigma” associated with nuclear energy technologies: A cross-cultural examination of the case of fusion power. Public Understanding of Science, 21 (5), 514-533.
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