Sebastian Grevsmühl

Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Sebastian Vincent Grevsmühl, PhD (EHESS/Centre Alexandre Koyré) works as post-doctoral researcher at the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers (OSU) Ecce Terra at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris). He is an historian of science who specialises in environmental history and visual studies. He has written several articles on the geophysical sciences, environmental history, the history of explorations, visual culture and the role of images in science. He coordinated the research area "Global environmental images" within the project ENVIGLOB (GIS Climat-Environnement-Sociétés and Centre Alexandre Koyré). He has also been member of the ERC project “TEUS: The Earth Under Surveillance: Geophysics, Climate Change and the Cold War Legacy”.

For the HoNESt project, Grevsmühl will collaborate as a postdoctoral researcher to conduct historical research on the development of the isotopes industry in Europe and the evolution of the French nuclear programme as part of WP1.

Relevant Publications

Sebastian Grevsmühl, 2014, La Terre vue d'en haut. L'invention de l'environnement global. Paris : Seuil.
Sebastian Grevsmühl, 2014, Serendipitous Outcomes in Space History: From Space Photography to Environmental Surveillance. In: Simone Turchetti and Peder Roberts (eds.) The Surveillance Imperative: Geosciences during the Cold War and Beyond. London: Palgrave, p. 171-191.
Sebastian Grevsmühl, 2014, The Creation of Global Imaginaries: The Antarctic Ozone Hole and the Isoline Tradition in the Atmospheric Sciences. In: Birgit Schneider and Thomas Nocke (eds.) Image Politics of Climate Change. Berlin: Transcript, p.29-53.