Erik van der Vleuten

School of Innovation Sciences

Erik van der Vleuten (PI) is Full Professor of History of Technology at the TU/e School of Innovation Sciences. He studies the historical co-construction of infrastructure, societal, and environmental changes from transnational history perspectives. Erik is scientific director of the Foundation for the History of Technology SHT, co-directs the NW Posthumus globalisation network, and chaired the pan-European research network Tensions of Europe (2013-2015).

In HoNESt he is particularly interested in transnational perspectives on nuclear engagement history.

Relevant Publications

• Erik van der Vleuten, Torsten Feys, “Borders and frontiers in global and transnational history. Introduction to the special issue”, Journal of Modern European History 2016/1 (accepted, in press).
Per Högselius, Arne Kaijser, Erik van der Vleuten, Europe’s Infrastructure Transition: Economy, War, Nature (Palgrave MacMillan, 2015)
Per Högselius, Anique Hommels, Arne Kaijser, Erik van der Vleuten (eds.), The Making of Europe’s Critical Infrastructure: Common Connections and Shared Vulnerabilities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).