Meeting with the Spanish nuclear stakeholders, Madrid

Information on the Event

The presentation of the book "The Economic History of Nuclear Energy in Spain, Governance, Business and Finance" (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2017) has led to a meeting in Madrid between academics, experts, policymakers, managers, operators, businessmen and regulators of the nuclear energy in Spain. The members of HoNEST Mar Rubio-Varas and Joseba De la Torre, professors of Economic History at the Public University of Navarra, have presented a synthetic balance on the institutional, economic, financial, commercial, technological and social singularities of that case and its insertion in the international context, between 1950 and 1985. In the subsequent debate, witnesses from that past and managers of the present participated: scientists from the Nuclear Energy Board, representatives of the Nuclear Safety Council, the Spanish Nuclear Society, the engineering and consulting firms, but also promoters of the nuclear power plants, in addition to the team of the Ministry of Industry and Energy that in 1984 negotiated the moratorium of the Spanish nuclear program.