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Dear readers,

We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and would like to wish you a good start into the New Year 2019.

In the past months, our research project on the History of Nuclear Energy and Society has been very active in sharing our insights and discussing with stakeholders from society, politics, industry and associations, as well as inserting them into relevant debates. A number of publications have been accepted, and published.

As the project is reaching its end we would like to invite you to our final conference:

An Invitation

7 February 2019
Brussels, Engagement with Nuclear Energy and Society: past, present and future

Final conference of the Horizon2020 research project History of Nuclear Energy and Society (HoNESt)

This workshop will present the project’s findings and invites societal stakeholders to discuss these findings with us. The event will involve four components:

  • Learnings from the Historical Experience of Nuclear Energy and Society across 20 countries
  • New insights on Public Perceptions on Nuclear Energy
  • New Insights on Public Engagement with Nuclear Energy
  • Insights on the Importance of Interdisciplinary Research on Energy and Society and Recommendations for the Future

You are cordially invited to participate and to spread the word. Registration is still open at Eventbrite.

Please consult the programme of the event here.


HoNESt participated in numerous events, discussing and sharing insights from the project, among them:
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Workshop, 17 September 2018, Karlsruhe: “The contribution of the history of technology for understanding technology futures”, Presentations on insights from Nuclear History, by Astrid M. Kirchhof (Deutsches Museum, Munich) and Jan-Henrik Meyer (Copenhagen).

Eurosafe workshop, 12 October 2018, Rome: “International Best Practices and Lessons Learned on the Public Engagement of the Back End of Fuel-Cycle.” See the report.

Conference of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), 12 October 2018, St. Louis (USA), Panel: “Nuclear Europeans: Transnational approaches to the history of a contested Technology”, organised by Arne Kaijser (KTH Stockholm).

Research Event: Witness Seminar with European Nuclear Regulators

On 16 October, HoNESt organised “witness seminar” a workshop with former regulators, an innovative oral history session. At the University Pompeu Fabra, four invited former regulators from different European countries East and West were given the chance to remember, share and reflect their experience of the history of nuclear regulation practice in Europe and internationally. Topics discussed included: continuity and change in regulation; international cooperation; Institutions, stakeholders, and civil society.
An edited transcript will be made available to the public in 2019.


A number of publications on a variety of aspects concerning nuclear energy and society emerging from HoNESt have been accepted or recently come out, among them:

Stathis Arapostathis and Yannis Fotopoulos, "Transnational Energy Flows, Capacity Building and Greece's Quest for Energy Autarky, 1914-2010", Energy Policy 127 (March 2019)

Bud, R. and Trischler, H. (accepted, 2019) “A Public Technology: Nuclear Energy in Europe” Technology and Culture

Cotton, M. (2018) “Environmental justice as scalar parity: lessons from nuclear waste management“. Social Justice Research 31(3): 238-259.

De la Torre, J. and Rubio-Varas, M.d.M, (2018) ‘Learning by doing: the first Spanish nuclear power plant’, Business History Review, 92(1)29-55.

Meyer J-H. (2019) Nature: From protecting Regional Landscapes to Regionalist Self-Assertion in the Age of the Global Environment. In: Núñez Seixas XM and Storm E (eds) Regionalism and Modern Europe: Regional Identity Construction and Regional Movements from 1890 until the Present. London: Bloomsbury, 65-82.

A Special Issue of Journal for the History of Environment and Society Vol. 3 (2018): Siting Nuclear Installations at the Border, edited by Arne Kaijser and Jan-Henrik Meyer is forthcoming in January 2019.

We are looking forward to discussing our research and activities with you in the future.
Feel free to be in touch, and raise any questions and suggestions you may have: contact@honest2020.eu

Jan-Henrik Meyer, Work Package Manager for Dissemination and Engagement


This project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 662268.

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