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Dear readers,

A year full of research, communication and interesting and insightful discussions with stakeholders on the History of Nuclear Energy and Society is coming to an end. Time to look back and ahead.

Research Findings available for your comments

HoNESt’s Short Country Reports seek to provide an overview of the History of Nuclear Energy and Society – specifically the history of nuclear engagement with society and society’s engagement with nuclear. The reports covering – twenty different countries – from the USA to the Soviet Union/Russia, and from Europe North and South, East and West are available for you to read – and most importantly to send us your feedback, which is extremely valuable for us.

An Invitation

31 January 2018, Northern and Western Europe, Science Museum London

We would like to invite you to discuss the past and future of public engagement with nuclear energy at HoNESt’s next stakeholder workshop “Discussing Nuclear Histories and Futures in Northern and Western Europe” at the Science Museum in London on 31 January. Please register for this free one-day event via Eventbrite.

Save the Date: 5 April 2018, Central and Eastern Europe, Munich

The subsequent stakeholder engagement event “Discussing Nuclear Histories and Futures in Central and Eastern Europe” will take place on Thursday 5 April at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, and will involve the opportunity to visit the museum’s exhibition on Energy Transitions. Registration is open at Eventbrite.


HoNESt researchers have been very active in conducting research and organising discussions on the history of engaging with nuclear technology, at conferences on the political consequences of Chernobyl, on the specific challenges of nuclear installations sited at the border. A Call for Papers for a workshop on nuclear engagement with society in the Atoms for Peace campaign is drawing to a close. All of this is scheduled to lead to collaborative publications and high-level research outputs.

Partly resulting from research done within HoNESt, the Economic History of Nuclear Energy in Spain has just been published with Palgrave Macmillan, shedding new light on the context within which nuclear decisions were made.

Past Activities

HoNESt contributed to the training of junior researchers via the HoNESt summer school on “Nuclear Technology and Society” in Barcelona. Young researchers from a number of European countries learned from state of the art research practice in HoNESt. They also benefitted from the opportuny to present and discuss their PhD research on nuclear-related topics with relevant experts.

HoNESt also held the first of the four stakeholder engagement workshops “Discussing Nuclear History and Futures in Southern Europe”. We shared HoNESt’s historical and social science research findings, benefitting from stakeholders’ feedback, and discussed and developed scenarios for nuclear futures in Southern Europe with stakeholders from research, industry, and civil society.

HoNESt is always reaching out to stakeholders, for instance at a lunchtime meeting at the National Nuclear Laboratory and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the SNE.

Future Activities

HoNESt will also be present with a talk on “Engaging with Society - Past, Present and Future. Results from the collaborative interdisciplinary project HoNESt - History of Nuclear Energy and Society” at AMNT in Berlin in May 2018 again, and will contribute to RICOMET in The Hague in June 2018. HoNESt researchers will also contribute to the Conference “How New are Renewables” at Deutsches Museum in Munich, on 21-23 February, with papers and a roundtable discussion.

We are looking forward to discussing our research and activities with you in the future.

Feel free to be in touch, and raise any questions and suggestions you may have: contact@honest2020.eu

Great and happy New Year 2018.

Jan-Henrik Meyer, Work Package Manager for Dissemination and Engagement


This project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 662268.

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